Wednesday, 21 May 2014

List of donors update

I haven't done this for several months - going through all emails, writing down names, and checking if the people wanted to be actually mentioned. I want to apologize for the delay in publishing the donations, I very much appreciate all the donations.

Also, all your donations are rewarded with my work. I spent a lot of time developing new version, but things are still not stable enough to make the release.

Good news is - the list is now large enough that I had to move it to a separate page on the blog. Also, donations towards open-sourcing the bas-relief addon are halw-way there, so someday in winter I expect the target could be reached.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Blender CAM 0.7.0

Pack curves on sheet example

New release!

What is new:
  • custom cutter shapes. With exact mode, only convex are supported. 
  • limit curve - you can now limit any operation with a curve.
  • limit curve and ambient have now an option, whether the cutter stays inside completely, or reaches the limit with it's tip.
  • Pack curves on sheet - this helps a bit to save material. The algorithm is slow by now, but provides relatively good results
  • Code for this version was completely reorganized and there are many internal changes. 
  • Please test and report any bugs you encounter, there might be some tricky things.
  • some more speedups in both modes.
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Big part of work for n-axis was done, but it is not visible in UI. I cannot test the code, so I don't want to release anything. also other things are wip.
    limit curve used on an operation 
  • All the code was separated into libraries. I wanted it to be more readable, and also would like to invite more coders to join.
As always, big thanks to:
as always, thanks to:

  • Bernhard Braun and Giovanni Bianchessi for linux & mac builds
  • Gaël Rosset for extensive reporting of bugs
  • everybody who posted feedback or donated
this help is essential for the project, I don't have time to test everything properly, and donations help me to save some extra time.

Also, new tutorials coming soon! and more surprises ;)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bas relief addon

I just finished the bas-relief addon. 
everything about it will be on a separate bas-relief addon page here:

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Looking for a 4 or more axis machine

For development purposes of BlenderCAM and my personal artistic projects,
I am looking for sponsors, who would donate any functioning machine, which has more than 3 axes.
The machine would be used mainly to develop BlenderCAM for more axis milling.

Note: I could do also with a robot arm! ;)

Monday, 30 September 2013

Blender CAM 0.6.0

simulated chain parallel + pencil operations
What is new:
  • chain operations - this is useful to export more operations in 1 file and to do simulation of more operations in line - to see e.g. roughing and also finishing
  • bridges for cutout operation. This is automatic by now, manual placement is on todo. Bridges don't work well together with ramping options yet.
  • some essential fixes - undercut problem with stay low option, protect vertical fix
  • pencil strategy has been updated. This is still very experimental, but I think for artistic use it might be allready tested (mainly cleanup of edges when doing reliefs, which is what I use it for) 
  • on the coding side, a lot comments were added.
  • automatic bridges for cutout operation
  • Blender version has been updated to the latest version.
as always, thanks to:
  • Bernhard Braun and Giovanni Bianchessi for linux & mac builds
  • Gaël Rosset for extensive reporting of bugs
  • everybody who posted feedback or donated
this help is essential for the project, I don't have time to test everything properly, and donations help me to save some extra time.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Blender CAM 0.5.0

What is new:
  • Exact mode is now faster by around 25-30 %
  • support for text objects - they kind of worked in some situations but that was a coincidence! :) Now text is properly supported.
  • default threshold for optimisation was lowered, the new algorithm works better with that
  • Waterline with layers was fixed, now waterline works much more like in other CAM programs. It is however still experimental feature!
  • Drill paths now support transformations of the source curve object
There are not so many changes as usual, but I'm kind of running in summer-mode ;)

Support this project by:

  • sending feedback on forum
  • posting images of your work on the forum
  • learn python and start developing with me
  • send some money

Big thanks go to:

  • Bernhardo Braun and Giovanni Bianchessi for release builds Linux/Mac
  • everybody who donates, reports bugs on the forum and posts feedback

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Blender CAM release 0.4.0 is out

Because some things were finished, and also, some serious bugs were fixed, here comes the new version.
  • Background operations - this saves your precious time and enables you to use more cores. You can continue working on other operations while computing in background. You have to save your file before sending operations for background computing. status of computations is in upper info bar in blender. 
  • Helix entry for pocket - experimental. 
  • Retract arc for pocket - experimental too. Both aren't made if there is no space for them.
  • First down option for cutout paths - this goes all layers down on one contour, then goes to the next one.  a condition for ramp down and out.
  • Ramp down cutout operation - experimental - ramps down based on layer settings
  • Ramp out - goes on along the outline, good if you don't want to leave a mark after the tool finishes and leaves material on same spot.
  • A lot of cutter and operation presets, all made by Bernhard Brown
  • improved path filtering, files are smaller now
  • a lot of small tweaks and fixes in the UI
Also, a very serious bug got a fix now... it occured when more than 2 layers were used, and there were sharp jumps in the path.

also made 2 videos, background operations and doing a simple cutout operation with the new options. Sorry, without commentary, no time for that now, but there are key strokes and mouse buttons recorded, so they can serve as a simple tutorial...